A Zatachan built generation ship currently orbiting around Earth. It was sent out from Zachata four hundred years ago, on a mission to determine if intelligent life existed outside of the Tau Ceti system. It first arrived in our solar system, in a location inbetween the orbits of Earth and Mars, where it could remain unobserved by the vast majority of humans, in the mid 2070's, when the crew made first contact with select agents of the then new Global Federated States. After this meeting, the Nalascu's military leaders (who controlled the ship), sent no further missions to Earth until returning yet again in 2099, when around twenty Nalascuans came to Earth to live in order to assist their scientists in studying humans. The ships existance became public on Earth in 2119, thanks to the efforts of Felix Calris and Rennault Inoue, as well as members of the True Mission group.


The Nalascu is a Stanford Torus, with a diameter of 30 miles.