Felix Calris was born in , 2107 in Gaton Hills, California. He is a preadolescent boy who participated in the first phase of the Kemonomimi Program when he was nine, which led to his later kidnapping.

Personality & AppearanceEdit

Felix is typically not very talkative, but around friends his words can flow fast. He tends to be extremely cautious, which, along with his intelligence, helps him to stay out of trouble. He is a caring person, which sometimes leads him to risk hurting himself.

Family & FriendsEdit

At the beginning of Nalascu, Felix's only known family is his father, Anthony Calris. Later, he gains a stepmother (Aimee Rousseau), stepsister (Sayuri Inoue), and stepbrother (Jacob Smithern).

Felix initially has one friend, Matthew Hunt, whom he is extremely close to. During the second phase of the Kemonomimi Program, he befriends Bryan and Susan Smalren when the two come to live in the Calris home. Shortly prior to his kidnapping, Felix meets the young Jacob Smithern and his sister, Sayuri Inoue.


  • Unlike most other people, Felix uses an older model computer, the POST.
  • Felix keeps his bedroom door on manual only.
  • Likewise, the automatic features in his bathroom are turned off.
  • He sleeps in a hammock on the loft area in his room.
  • Felix has a large collection of books, or 'tinder'.
  • He wears simple clothes, mostly old styles.